Laura L. Drago, L.Ac.

Choosing. Committing.

I am generally good at choosing and committing.  Sometimes my choices and commitments come in hot and fast and other times they are much more calculated.  Big decisions tend to be more quick and from the gut where seemingly smaller choices and commitments are more time consuming for me.  Go figure.



When it came to this current profession I have taken on, I have had quite a difficult time committing to any choice of specialty.  Why choose?  I can do it all!  If someone needs more specialized care I can refer.  I wanted to grow and learn and keep my options open.  In a medical field full of part doctors, I wanted to remain whole.



After 10 years of practice I do feel somewhat rooted.  I feel I have something to offer.  Technically based on hours, I am a “master” but the truth is this type of medicine takes a full lifetime to truly master, if then.  So out of respect for my craft and to remain humble to the service I attempt to provide I have remained largely undeclared.


All that changed in the last week.  It has been a snowball effect of coming back into the fold of my clinic after a forced closing of my practice and a very big move across state lines to start over again.


COVID and all it has done to our communities along with the unrest of our society has changed the public I serve in a very clear way.  There is a theme with the patients who come through my door these days.  The themes are related to deep fears and weariness.  Gone are the days of treating chronic work stress and I am grateful for that because it was seemingly un-ending.


My patients needs and this strange time in our human history have pushed me to acknowledge the truth of my strengths and gifts.  I cannot imagine a better way to finally choose and commit.  The needs of those I serve are the changing force and that is what I have been waiting for.


I am an esoteric spirit based practitioner.  To most people this likely sounds like hog wash but I know from personal experience and the professional experience I have acquired this is what is missing from our medical system.  This need is real and palpable and I am lucky enough to hold a key.


So, here I am, declaring it for all the world to (potentially) see.  I work with the 8 Extraordinary Vessels of East Asian Medical Theory.  These vessels have provided me a blue print for life in human bodies and a guide to the universe we dwell in.  This style gives me hope and allows me to share some of that with patients who entrust me with their care.


I am honored to open this space for those who seek it.  I make no promises to anyone, I simply offer a door, the same door I was provided.   I invite those who ask for help to walk through and discover their own new journey.


I made my choice.  I am committed.