Laura L. Drago, L.Ac.

What is Wellness

I heard a comedian and social commentator recently ask very cynically “What is wellness anyway?”.
Her comments while funny, did hit an important question.  “What IS wellness?” 
Why do we need or desire it?  What is the payoff for our investment?
For the comedian it was about smoking cigarettes and that she enjoyed it and she preferred to live a life which included smoking.  Believe it or not – I say – “Good for her!”   
Her ideas of living and joy are well formed and she is committed to that way of living.  
She is happy and content.  In my view – this is wellness.  
Knowing who we are and what brings us the contentment we seek in this life.  
Holistic medicine is about getting to that truth, the truth of ourselves.  
If we feel uncomfortable, unhappy or discontented with regularity and we wish for that to change, this is the mission of wellness.

This is my mission.:
To assist you in your journey to wellness, contentment and personal vision of a healthy life – Mind, Body, & Spirit.   
I specialize in the mental, emotional, and body through acupuncture, herbs and lifestyle coaching.